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May 2, 2010
I need help please! I'm making a mix for a senior 3 team and the theme is time. And i have NO VOICEOVERS, im having mixers block. So any ideas would be appreciated so much!

the gym name is : Champs Central
the team is: Lucky Stars
level: Sr 3
colors: green. gold. and black.

Thanks in advance!
Champs. Central. Senior. Three.
Time's a wastin' just give it to me.
Better believe that we're going far,
There's a reason they call us, LUCKY STARS.

ehh i tried ha
lucky stars green n gold
add the black and youve been told
our time is now this is our day
champs are here get out the way

luck has nothin to do with the way these stars reign

green and black were takn gold
sr 3 is steppin bold
to legit and so much more
than you could be cause your a bore

shining bright, to win the fight
lucky stars leave as, champs tonight
You can use alarm sound effects and voiceovers that says "snooze" or something ? I know!!! You can have in the beginning "PIP, PIP, PIP" Ssssssssh! Don't mess up my beauty sleep......................?

That's just inspiration ! ;)
Tick, Tick, Tick,
Just like time we can't be stopped.
Get on your feet; Lucky Stars are rising to the top!

Give up now; you're wasting your TIME.
Take a step back- that trophy's claimed, the gold is mine!

Green, gold and black,
We go on and on forever.
Our TIME has arrived
And we're ready for whatever.

Time heals all wounds, but we're just gonna cause some.

Lucky stars are here, and your TIME is up!
Champs Central ladies got all the right stuff!

Check your face, now check your watch,
It's time for us to shine!
Now check your jealousy at the door,
I'm Senior Three, this floor is mine!