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Mar 30, 2022
Hello, everyone! I am new to coaching as I only have one year under my belt and since there hasn't been a consistent coach in a few years we are rebuilding and rebranding the program. I am also new to the area in which I am coaching due to growing up in Michigan. I cheered for 6 years and then helped with my high school team after graduation but now that I live in Ohio the rules are completely different. We don't have invitationals like I am used to and to compete they just enter the county fair competitions. The fair competitions have stipulations to have one routine using a chant, a cheer, and a dance instead of 3 rounds to showcase our talents. I believe I am comfortable enough to choreograph a well thought out routine by the beginning of June to perform in August but would love help writing a cheer/Chant for the competition since I don't have much practice in that area. Hopefully some of you on here love to do those and wouldn't helping out a newbie. Our colors are Black, Gold, and white, mascot is Apaches, and school name is Fairview. Thanks in advance!!
Not open for further replies.