Tips On Backhandsprings At Home?

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Feb 5, 2011
I'm like a pinky from FINALLY mastering my standing back handspring & wanted know how I could master it at home? Drills? I have a tryout in April. I can't be in a tumbling class for the next 3 months so all I have is a mattress & pillows ( lol). I'm very strong & know I can't possibly hurt myself I just need to practice them & I have cheered 4 seasons so I'm not clueless on tumbling techniques & what not. I know my limits! What would be a good way of practicing them? I was thinking of making a wedge with the mattress. Lol I know it sounds a little crazy but I hate sitting at home knowing I could be perfecting my spring. I already have my front and round off backhandspring.
The only thing that will come from trying to learn a back handspring at home is an injury.
If you can't get to tumbling classes or an open gym situation, you're just going to have to ask for a spot at tryouts. The coach will spot you, see how close you are and make an informed decision off of that.
Don't do them at home..... seriously book more privates and go to more open gyms. You'll end up getting hurt and not being able to try out. Not worth it.
Condition at home, tumble at the gym with a coach.

Do squat jumps, handstand push-ups against a wall, lots of core work!
i agree dont do them at home you could kill your self... but if u really need help i suggest bridges, handstands, or try like getting in the sit position and instead of jumping back onto your hans pretend to do but just sit,swing and jump up, also DONT do it onthe mattress unless you have standing solid on like a flat crash mat . ps. if u cant do tumbling try open gym at your local cheer gym:)