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Mar 13, 2011
I'm planning to tryout for cheer for next year. since its already started I have to wait until next semester to tryout, I'm going to be a senior and never cheered before but always wanted to. I have friends on cheer and I asked them what the coaches are looking for and she said you have to know how to base a full down. They don't ask too much for tumbling except for a round off and a cartwheel. I already know how to do those, I guess I'm pretty good at yelling. I'm tall as in 5'9 so I would be a Backdoor, any tips cause I've never based a stunt before.

All in all, any tips for ha tryouts? I'm pretty nervous and have alot of time until tryouts. Should I take classes for tumbling so I have a better chance on making it?
Start Stunting...Make sure you are in a controlled environment though. Try to find a local all star gym and see what they have to offer. Most gyms have classes that you can take or might be able to work with you a little bit easier than your high school team.
*As a Back Spot...If you can catch a regular strait cradle, you can catch a single or double down as well.

Also...Coming from a HS Cheer Coach, Do not rely on your friends to ask what the coaches is looking for. You will be a senior next year...Step up, and go talk to the coach face to face. This will show her you are serious about this. Trust Me!!! Actions speak louder than words kiddo!

One other tip I can offer to you...Start conditioning...I don't know how hardcore your team is where you cheer but set the bar high. Try to get your cheer friends involved to if you can. It's way easier to stay motivated with friends.
Thanks so much! I don't know who the coach is ;p but I'll find out and talk to her! Also the teams at my school aren't really competitive but I know they go to at least one comp.
Definetly get into some stunt classes and learn how to backspot!
Sounds like you would be the perfect height.
Also make sure you go ask the coach, because she might have things that she thinks are more important at tryouts.
Just make sure that when you tryout, you stay positive and keep a smile on your face at all times:)
Show her how hard of a worker you are! Coaches love that.