All-Star Tuck Tucks?

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Nov 23, 2010
watch at about 40 seconds (jump sequence) disregarding the rest of the routine as i take it this was early in the season, is there any bonus for doing tuck tuck? personally i think it looks really cool but does it do anything for scores? are there any other teams that have done this?

I've never seen an allstar team do tuck tucks, but I've seen high school teams do them before. My high school team has been working on them the past few practices and seeing who can do the most in a row.. haha I really like them and I think it'd be super cool to see other teams do them in their jump sequences.
i dont think theres any bonus points for doing a tuck tuck because you take a step in between so its just like doing two standing tucks in a row.
although your standing tumbling score for difficulty would be higher for doing two in a row!