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Dec 16, 2009
After many Sleepless nights I am done with the New Website. Please visit and Sign up From here you can:

Create a Profile and Customize it, you can even add your Music to your profile.
You can Upload and Download Cheer Music from the Share tab.
You can IM chat and Video Chat with People from all over the world.
The website comes in 5 Different Languages so we can connect the whole World of cheer.
You can make Groups for your Gym, Team, Friends or for anything.
You can create Events so the Rest of the Network can follow.
Upload Photos and Videos to your profile.
And a whole Lot more...

I am still working on the finishing touches of the Website so things will be added as we go. Thank you for your help in connecting the Cheer World Together. Please visit and sign up and pass the word on to everyone.

Shawn Miller