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Apr 8, 2010
Please help me .. I'm a senior dying to go to u of d .. Are there any scholarships for cheer? ???

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im not positive about scholarships but im sure they offer, you could PM moreheads coach, he is on here somewhere not sure of his exact name, but he cheered there for a couple years so he could help you out. I do know Delaware is like most UCA coed teams, the boys must be able to stunt very well, or stunt pretty well and tumble. so if thats a school you are looking at, I would start practicing tossing girls to the top (ball ups, full ups, etc.)
I'm pretty sure, like most colleges, they have a website. Also, someone from Storm who graduated LAST YEAR cheers there. You're probably facebook friends with him...
Yes there are scholarships for cheerleading at the University of Delaware (where I went) :) contact Andy Brown the head coach for information.

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