Undefeated Teams; Fun Ot Not?

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Apr 29, 2011
As the undefeated team- It really takes some of the fun out of the competition knowing that you have a really good shot at winning so you're not so excited to compete...but it's always fun to win(;

Competing against an undefeated team- So you hit a FLAWLESS routine...both days and you're going against an udefeated team so you try a lot harder. And then awards come and BAM! Second place. Whaaa? Large teams really shouldn't go against small teams *cough cough* Pryme Time Large Junior Coed 4 against GA Allstars Small Junior Coed 4. Cheersport AND Atheltic Championships. But yeah, it really sucks, but if you beat the it's BOOYAH.

So fun or not?
i get what u mean like it's great to be undefeated but it does take some fun out of it if u know u might win. but if u feel like the underdog team and win that feels great!
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