All-Star Usasf Scholarships Applications Due Feb 15th!!!

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Governing Body for All-Star Cheerleading
Apr 8, 2010
Calling all SENIORS! USASF College Scholarship Applications are due by February 15, 2011.

The USASF (United States All Star Federation) encourages the positive life benefits of all-star cheerleading and dance that stay with an all-star cheerleader or dancer as they pursue their future. High school seniors who have been involved in all-star cheerleading and dance and are pursuing a higher education, may apply for this scholarship to assist the start o...f their new lives. The USASF believes that continued effects of the character, sportsmanship, work ethic and teamwork shall follow all-star cheerleaders and dancers in their education endeavors. The purpose of this program is to support and guide dedicated and talented athletes through this transition. As well as recognize the hard work and efforts that have developed success for them to this point.

The USASF’s mission in maximizing the number of participants benefiting from the positive life benefits in all-star cheerleading and dance, supports athlete’s around the world. The College Scholarship Program provides athletes support in applying these benefits to an accredited College/University Degree. The athlete can contribute to the community around her and pursue an education with aid and encouragement.

Description of Award:

The USASF/IASF Scholarship Fund was established in 2008. This scholarship was designed to recognize and reward outstanding All-Star Cheerleaders and Dancers by providing financial assistance in furthering their college education. This scholarship is open to any College/University bound senior who participates with any USASF member gym/program. In addition, applicants must be a USASF ATHLETE MEMBER as of December 1, 2010.

Applicants must be planning to attend an accredited College/University as a full-time student. Along with their application, they must submit 1) an essay of 350 words or less (requirements below) 2) High School transcripts 3) a recent cheerleading/dance picture highlighting your athletic look (no team attire) 4) a performance DVD (requirements below), 5) a completed USASF Recommendation Form from your All-Star Cheer Coach; 6) a completed USASF Recommendation Form from your All-Star gym owner/program director. Please note that these are the ONLY acceptable letters of recommendation and BOTH are required.

Essay Requirements (do not mention your name or your gym/program name in your essay): 25 point category Essay must be typed in Microsoft Word and emailed to [email protected]. In addition, it must also be included in your completed packet to be mailed. Please address ALL bullet points listed below in 350 words or less.

• Why are you going to an accredited College/University?

• What do you plan to study?

• How has your participation in all-star cheerleading or dance helped your personal development?

• How do you plan to give back to your community after completing your education?

• How have you helped promote good sportsmanship in our sport?

• What specifically makes a good role model?

• List three of the biggest challenges to image of cheerleading or dance in our society.

• Formulate a three step program for improving the image of cheerleading or dance nationwide that you would recommend to industry leaders.

• List several suggestions you feel could help improve the all star industry.

• Describe any unusual challenges or financial hardships you face in continuing your education.

ALL items listed above MUST be addressed in a well-written essay and all directions followed in order to be considered as a USASF College Scholarship Applicant.

Performance Cheer DVD Requirements: 25 point category

Must be 90 seconds in length

Must include 4 8-count motion sequence (words are not required)

Must include jumps, tumbling & dance (only skills will be judged; choreography and music will not be judged)

Performance Dance DVD Requirements: 25 point category

Must be 90 seconds in length

Must include: leaps, turns, and any additional elements that applicant excels in; would recommend the applicants strongest style for their routine.

25% Essay

25% Performance DVD

20% Coaches Recommendations

20% Gym Involvement (Volunteer work within your program)

10% Academics


The top 10 will be required to attend a final interview at Worlds which will determine the placement of the applicants. The interview will start at 11:00AM on Friday of Worlds (April 29, 2011). Please book your flight accordingly as you MUST be interview ready at this time. Scholarship applications are due no later than February 15, 2011 and Finalist will be notified by March 15, 2011. Winners will be presented at the USASF VIP Reception the evening of April 29, 2011. Duration will be one year. Funds are sent to recipient's College/University to be used for any reasonable cost related to working on a degree.

Please see College Scholarship application for more detailed instructions. /FORMS /SCHOLARSHIP application-USASF.pdf