Voice Over Ideas?!

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Jul 21, 2011
I coach for cheer energy (in Louisiana) and our colors are purple white and blue
We need voice overs for our sr intensity, electric youth, youth power and mini chargers. Trying to come up with some exciting new voiceovers, thanks!!!!
Do you feel the pressure? Do you feel the heat?
CE Power will knock you off your feet

CE Chargers, we will win the race
YOU can stand up when they call second place

Electric-Divas- lookin' fresh and fierce
with Energy this fly, we'll be around for years

We are... CE
Everyone knows me,
** senior intensity!

We shine we sparkle
We stop the show
Electric you know!

Electric divas
Everyone wants to be us!

Were sweet were sour
Unleash the power

Were fierce were mini
We will beat any