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Oct 24, 2010
So the season is coming up and I cheer for South River Highschool, home of the seahawks. Last season was the first year we had won states considering Chesapeake won the past 6 years. 2nd best competition of my life behind worlds 2011 but anyway does anyone have any suggestions for voiceovers? colors are navy blue, columbia blue, and white! thanksss!!!!!! :D
"South River are u ready, seahawks show them how you do, last yr no coincedent this yr will make number 2"

"pumped up we soar high, these seahawks are too fly"

"river of the south, honey go ahead and pout, cuz seahawks got that jaw droppin eye popoin, yes girl were fierce no doubt"

"check for the blues then for white, is obvious and safe to say we won the fight"

"check our reigning champ status....we own the state!"