All-Star Washing Shoes?

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Dec 15, 2009
How do u wash ur cheer shoes, primarily infinitys and no limits? because they start to really smell, but the bottom usually has holes, so i feel like if i wash them, it'll mess the shoes up even more in the bottom
Ive heard that some people bleach them and since they have holes id recommend washing them by hand rather the washing machcine.
We take the show laces out and wash those in the washer and hang dry. We hand wash the shoe itself with warm water, laundry detergent and a hand towel. We do not soak the sneaker ever, simply wipe the inside and outside with the rag and allowed to air dry. We do this every couple of weeks and have done it this way for years and it seems to both clean and protect the sneaker. Good luck finding the method that works best for you....
i actually put them in the dishwasher (with out and dishes lol) the dishwash soap really gets the oil and sweat out of your shoes! i have done it with nfinitys and no limits!
We wash in the washing machine on delicate with a towel to have something to scrub them.

Also, the dish washer works well too. Just don't do a heat dry cycle.
I used to just throw mine in the washer too. Someone once suggested putting them in a pillow case and washing them like that, but I never tried that and I never had any problems. I also put them in the dryer and they were fine.
for the outside, Mr.Clean Magic Eraser works amazzzzzing!
& dr.scholes [sp] foot powder is good for after you wash them and beyond, it absorbs all the sweat and what not
I wash the Nfinity's in the washing machine at least twice each year. Washing them to me is just part of the life cycle. I take the laces out and spray them and the shoes with stain remover and rub it in with a rag. I also take out the inserts. On the small/delicate cycle I fill the tub with warm water add detergent and a few scoops of Oxyclean. Put in all the shoe parts and wash. I NEVER put them in the dryer. Instead, I put the laces through the bottom eyelet and tie the shoes onto my standing room fan. I find the shoes will dry overnight on High if you turn them every few hours. They always look great and have never shrunk. Maybe try it on an older or outgrown pair like I did and move on to your current shoes if you like the result. I have heard people say they put them in the dishwasher but I have never tried that. If you have holes in the bottom this could be an option? Good Luck!
Never actually washed mine. I always had my high school and allstar shoes I rotated through. Good luck
nfinity said they're actually made to be able to take apart and wash in the dishwasher. no joke...that's what they told me at least. i haven't done it bc my daughter has her competition only pair and gym pair. i periodically clean them with a some mild soap and rag
Washing machine, NO DRYER. I repeat: NO DRYER. They WILL shrink. Then Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the leather. I promise, you won't go wrong.