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Jun 1, 2011
Please excuse my unrequested repost but our community has lost a star. Please pray for Kira, her family, team and all who are diminished by her passing- which is all of us.

Rest in peace Kira. You are loved.

Thank you all so much. Good news is that she is completely, fully healed; bad news for us is that we won't be able to see her for a while. Kira passsed this afternoon. Her parents made the unselfish decision to donate her organs. So it's possible there may be a post from a truck driver next year in "Awkard Moment when Cheer Takes Over" wondering why the heck he can now only count to 8. Then he realizes he has the heart of a cheerleder.
Again, thanks for the prayers. It's good to have a "go to" online community that cares.
Please be safe. If you ride motorcycles, wear a helmet.
My heart is broken. Rest in peace sweet girl.
This makes me so sad. Everyone please be careful and try to stay safe! I can't bear to hear about anymore of these terrible accidents.

I am praying for her family. <3
All my love and prayers for her family. Rest peacefully, sweet girl.
Our love and prayers are with the family, this is such awful news. What a selfless decision by the family to share the gift of life with another person or persons so they may live on with the heart of a cheerleader. Rest In Peace Kira <3
It's a sad day in the cheer world to know we have lost one of our own. Prayers to the gym and her family. I can't even begin to imagine how upsetting it must be for the gym to know they have lost one of their own. What a selfless decision of her parents. R.I.P Kira. You will be missed :(
Prayers for strength and peace. I can only imagine the pain, but what incredible selflessness to give the gift of life to others.