What Are The Best Colleges To Cheer For?

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Many types of college cheer. Do you want to cheer like all-star, with 2:30 routines in competition (NCA or UCA) or
just do side line, or stunt / Ncata~~ breaks down to skill sets like tumbling, pyramids, stunts, and routine?

Many different options. You have to figure out which type of cheer you would like to experience in college.

Also, figure out how much time you will devote to cheer. Side line cheer or Spirit Squads do not require as
much practice as do competition squads. Some teams have work weeks in the summer while others have a set season.
The options go on and on. Deciding which type of cheer will narrow your school choices.
It depends on what style you want to be a part of. Do you just want sideline? Are you wanting to still be apart of Allstar Cheer and the Worlds Experience? Do you want to be a part of STUNT or Tumbling? I might be a little Bias in saying that Louisville is the best at this point, because it can offer you EVERYTHING. It also depends on what you want to go to school for.

You could not go wrong with any of the following in my opinion as well

NC State

Our gym has a list of alumni who have cheered at these schools. And my cp's base just got into HPU...we'll miss you, Red/Brown!
It really does depend of the style of cheer but I would have to say University of Maryland is a good school for cheer! I've had the change to watch them up close and they are great!!
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