All-Star What Do You Wear To Practice .....?

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Jun 13, 2011
This thread is about what YOU wear to practice. I wear
  • Sports bra
  • Tank top (sometimes)
  • spandex(I'm a flyer)
  • Soffe shorts
  • Nfinity passions
  • Practice bow (if i feel like it)
-sports bra
-maybe tank top or pinnie (depends if it is hot outside)
-spandex shorts
-soffe shorts
-nfinity evolutions
-bow (if i feel like it)
Sports bra
Tshirt/cutoff/racer back
Soffees or Nike shorts
Passions/my holey evolutions
And a high pony with a bow

- sports bra
- tshirt/tanktop
- spandex
- soffee shorts
- nfinity evolutions
- hair in high pony with bow if i want to
  • Sports Bra
  • T-Shirt (Sometimes)
  • Nike Pros
  • Soffe Shorts Over(Sometimes)
  • Matching Bow ALWAYS!
  • Nfinity Passions
during the summer..
sports bra

starting at choreography camp
black hot pants
sports bra
whatever top were assigned lol which btw are gonna be sooo cute this season:)
Two sports bras(I'm a back spot... 'nuf said)
Tshirt or tank, wich I usually take of after warm up.
Evolutions...though i forgot mine in a competition in finland, so i'm waiting for a new pair... :banghead:
I have a bob, so i do half up with a bow of choice.