All-Star What Is A "flick"..?

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Jun 22, 2010
i know what a roundoff tuck/layout/full/etc is but recently heard about a roundoff flick tuck or roundoff flick full, stuff like that. what is a "flick"? any difference in the skill?
oh okay, lol i was so confused.
at first i thought someone just accidentally wrote flick instead of kick (like kick full)
butt thanksss!
that makes sooo much moree sense. haha:p
ummm why not just call it a backhandspring?

i think these words were created just to sound original lol
a flip flop is something you wear on your feet (also called slippers...unless that's another tumbling move i don't know about)
a flick is something you do with a booger hahah or a bug
i have no idea what a flick-flack is? sounds like someone covering up vulgar language lol