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Dec 14, 2009
I was wondering what is required of you as a college cheerleader outside of games. I make my girls/guys
-Work out 2 time a week in addition to conditioning during practice.
-Go to study tables for 2 hours for 1st semester freshman and anyone who has a GPA under 2.5.
-Practice for 5 hours minimum a week.
-Any performances the university wants us to do.
-Team fundraisers.

What's all of the random stuff you have to do?
When I was in college (over 10 years ago), in addition to the games, practices (formal and on your own conditioning), and study hours.....we visited local schools to promote staying in school, visited the children's wing of the university's hospital and the Ronald McDonald house, attended University events as requested (fundraisers, alumni events). It was really time consuming.
2 hour night practices, twice a week.
Crack of dawn conditioning practices, twice a week.
Tumbling practice, once a week for 2 hours.
8 hours of study hall for new people and 4 hours if you have below a 3.0.
Must take atleast 12 credits a semester.
Practice the morning of home games, 2 hours.
Meet 3 hours before football games completely "game day ready."
Events, fundraisers, athletic department bonding and meetings, etc etc!
We are given gym memberships and are expected to use them outside of regular practices.
If you do not have all tumbling requirements you're expected to do classes or privates!
We run a set of stairs, and that's alot with what our coaches consider one set, every time someone is late, doesn't come prepared, wears the wrong thing, or makes a mistake along those lines. And this is on top of everything else, we have to stay after to run stairs.
Behave inside and outside of practice...and be accountable!!!!
College cheer is not for everyone! Some people cannot hang. Don't know how much longer my body will want to either!
Ya and I coach and do choreo and work for NCA, so I live cheerleading!
Love it, but it's kicking my butt! haha
right now this is what my schedule looks like:
monday: practice 6-8
tuesday: 6am workouts, practice 7:15-9:15
wednesday: conditioning 7-8, stunting 8-whenever we're done
thursday: practice 7:15-9:15
friday: practice if the facility is available
of course games. and we have alot of events we work like rallies, parades, comps, etc. we of course are expected to maintain skills while also getting new ones, that's a given, i dont really know what i would say are the "required skills" though, still learning/figuring that out lol if you wanna make mat, you have to cheer games, but again, kind of a given. just because you're on the team, doesn't mean you'll stay, you have to work for your spot, and i love that, it makes it so people dont just settle and dont just do it for the uniform. i am so glad i decided to do college cheer.
im busy, yeah, but i wouldnt trade it for the world. i love it so much.
Showstopper: SRU has a great program, and Gemma is a great coach. I think she's one of the most down to earth and allows the team a good're not just cheer-bots!
Showstopper: SRU has a great program, and Gemma is a great coach. I think she's one of the most down to earth and allows the team a good're not just cheer-bots!

aw thank you! that really means alot :)
i know you dont pick a school based on cheer, but as of may i had confirmed admission to 2 schools, sru being one of them. and when i went for tryouts/clinics, i just fell in love with the team, coach, and program, and it was the deciding factor. i wasnt even going to tryout, and im so glad i did. my team has taught me so much, especially how great college cheer is.
My current schedule is...

Tuesday- Lifting 6-7am. Practice 9-11/11:30 pm
Wednesday- Practice 9-11/11:30 pm, only occasionally
Thursday- Lifting 6-7am. Practice 9-11/11:30 pm
Friday- Open gym for 2 hours

We don't cheer football because we don't have it, but we attend all volleyball games during the fall.
During the winter we cheer men's and women's basketball. Arrive at all bball games 2 hrs ahead of time.
Appearances at least once a week at places such as Good Morning America, marketing events, community service events, etc.
We're required to work out on our own as well as morning lifts.

Oh, and we practice so late because we hold practice at CJA and we have to wait for them to be done practice.

It's a lot and my Tuesdays and Thursdays are sooo long. I go from about 5:30am to 12:30am non-stop with lifts, internship, classes, practice and homework.
I am currently a college cheerleader (freshman) at Christopher Newport University..and this year there's I believe 36 on the team and 21 selected for competition team.

Comp. Team Schedule
Mon: 8-10:30pm
Fri: 5:30-8
Cheer at home games on Saturday (football) and basketball in the Winter
*Mandatory Study Hall 3x a week for 90min for all 1st semester Freshman

I am currently living at the gym (on an all star team/helping coach) is definitely manageable and tons of fun! I think we are also going to have 3x a week work out schedule soon.
Im a Sophomore at Elmira College and my current schedule is:

Tuesday: practice 5-7
Wednesday: practice 8-10
Thursday: practice 5-7
Friday: practice 4-6
Saturday: practice 11-1

We have a mandatory work out 3 days a week and a cardio work out 2 days a week.

We don't have a football team so we don't have to cheer until basketball season and even then we don't cheer at many games since we also have a game team. we only cheer at about 6 games when the basketball schedule gets crazy like a game on friday night and double headers the next day. (we cheer for both women and men basketball)

and at my school we have a program called encore. Which are performances in theater, dance and music. Freshmen and sophomores are required to attend 8 performances a term and then write a paper on it. Our coach finds the 8 that wont interfere with our practice times and all the freshmen and sophomores go together.

we also go to various events on campus, do tons of community service and host competitions. and of course our classes and homework.
I Cheer at SFA, I have an hour a day of study hall, and we have to work our at the rec 3 times a week.

We practice
6am-8am MWF
and 3pm-5pm TT