What Makes A Gym A Top Program?

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Mar 10, 2011
I've been pondering a few questions ever since the USASF "release" form was created.

What do you look for in an all-star gym?
What makes a Top Program?
What are incentives for joining a program?
What would make you leave your current program to join another (what would the other program have to have)?
Proven leadership and Coaches that can mentor the Athletes so that they can continue to grow and are valued at every level.
Efforts for success at every level... coaches who pay equal amounts of attention to all levels are crucial. I cheered at one gym and the owner only coached the senior level 5 team.. they were amazing. But as for the rest of us...the lack of attention and effort definitely showed. I moved to another gym and it was a lot more evident they valued every athlete on all levels.

I think the atmosphere at a gym is also a huge factor. We looked for a gym that focused on success but also remembered you get there through the love of the sport.
Things that make a good program is your girls and boys have to love what they do and they have to strive to be the best. If they don't want it then they shouldn't do it. what is the point if they don't what it? You need to work hard to get to the top and is there is no struggle then there is reword.
As a parent, i have to add that it's not just about the coaching (although i 100% agree with everything everyone has said), but the business side needs to be run well. Clear expectations, communication, everything upfront, including commitment, costs, etc. Advance notice. we were at a gym once that would cancel a competition 2 days before the event, or tell us to be at a comp at 8am and the coaches and staff wouldn't show up until 9...or not even tell us an approximate location to meet at a HUGE event so we're all just wandering around!
Strictly enforced rules, too, that apply to everyone.
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