All-Star What was your favorite competition?


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Feb 4, 2010
Loved the first year of Champions League - not because of all of the extra stuff but because teams competed twice in one day (eliminated extra hotel expenses and missed school/work), and the format of one performance being judged on difficulty and the other being judged the traditional way. Makes so much more sense to me. I also like Spirit Fest and Return to Atlantis, and it is amazing how far Spirit Fest went downhill once it was bought by Varsity.


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Nov 22, 2013
Mardi Gras Bead Blast in Hershey, PA. I competed there twice (2015 and 20-16), both before the mass takeover. I competed at Reach The Beach in 2015 as well. Was Reach The Beach part of Varsity in 2015?? Reach The Beach is by far my favorite competition other than Cheersport and Worlds.
Reach the Beach in OC Maryland was run by Epic before they became part of Varsity. I believe they also ran Battle of the Boardwalk in AC, NJ back then, and some comps at National Harbor, MD and Baltimore Convention Center.

My favorites were Champions League 2 in LA, and Majors
My least favorite was always NCA in Dallas. Too many people, the arena was always filthy, the hospitality industry was unprepared for wintry weather even though it seemed to happen every year, and you had to sit in your seats all day if you wanted to see your kid compete in any of the "big" divisions.
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Dec 31, 2014
but depending if your an owner, coach, athlete, wife or husband, I believe "the why" has less to do with the EP and more to do with what is important to you...
THIS. As an event planner (for non-profits...not cheer) most of what makes me like or dislike a comp is HOW it is run. Is it on time, organized, clean, well staffed, etc.? Outside of that was cost, travel, etc. But I have outright hated events that other people LOVE because of how the comp was run.

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