Music Whats The Name Of This Song?

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Jan 28, 2011

Its says "Riding in your fancy car, looking like a superstar. Vindi Shades, Prada bags, you have things they wished they had. Hollywood in your backyard, bought it with your credit card. Perfect body, perfect hair, when you walk they stop and stare. Paparazzi frenzy life of a celebrity. Posters, pictures everywhere. Your the main public affair."
If you want to hear it i found a teams music with it in it. It plays at 0:30
If anyone can email it to me or send me a link where I can download it that would be great! [email protected]
Bumping this thread for my own curiosity. I just listened to all of the "I Declare War" by Jay Karan video but didn't hear the part that ian quoted in his original post. Is there maybe a different mix of "IDW" including that portion? It almost kind of sounds like one big, long voice over in the Crossland High mix...
Not open for further replies.