What's Your Favorite Part About Practice?

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Well as far as me being a parent and watching..
I'd say stunting and tumbling. I don't want to watch them do the same 3 8 counts for 30 mins while they clean it up. Or watch them work on transitions lol. Yes I know it's necessary so they don't look like a hot mess at competition but that's not as entertaining.

I will say not only are those 2 my favorite, they are my cp's favorite as well.
I'd say jumping, then stunting,
I loove to jump, but it's tiring, haha ;)
I'm in a level 1/2 team in sweden, and most of the teammembers are like a year or two younger, so everybody is pretty small, so I'm a backspot, but it's as fun as everything else, 'cuz I would never trust the girls fully to catch me if I fell if I was flying ;)