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Cheer Parent
Dec 14, 2009
So many times I read a thread and wonder who is hiding behind that user name and what gym do they coach at; does their cp cheer for; or if you are just an allstar cheer fan. Let me start:

Bre (mom)
daughter cheers for Maryland Twisters Wind
Been on the boards since the old boards 4 years ago.
My name is Kristen
I'm a mom to Jaylen. She is 6 years old.

She cheers for Clarksville Cheer Extreme (Clarksville, TN)
She is on youth2 and mini's.

I only joined the boards at the beginning of this cheer season however she started cheering last July.
Diane (mom)
daughter 12- cheers for ICE of Indiana-Fort Wayne
Black Ice- Senior Restricted, Senior 3

Been on the boards since January 2011 <3 it!!
Nika - 18 years old.
From Slovenia (Europe) - cheers for Twist Allstars
Been on the boards since April 2009 <3
I'm Izzy! I cheer for Carolina Legacy in Cary,NC.
I'm on senior restricted 5 and senior coed level 4.
I've only been actually using my account for about a month I think. :3
Jules from Germany
Cheering and coaching the AllGirl Level 6 Team (Heat Unique) at my Gym (Flames Cheerleader)
Been on the boards for a year i think :)
I'm Kim!
I quit cheering this season, was on sr open 6.
I coach Sm Jr 5, Diamonds, now at Dynamites(Stockholm, Sweden)
Been on the boards for almoast a year :)
Im Madea (anonymous is the game) i live in Tennessee and i currently do not cheer! i did last year though!
not cheering this year cause im a broke 1st year university student :( last team was senior coed 4
Been on the boards for year 2 years dont remember lol :)