Which Kid Makes College Cheer?

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You have 2 kids. Both have the same skills which are good enough to be on college team. However, there is only one spot. Do you take the kid that has only cheered high school or do you take the kid that cheered All Star?
It depends on the program and what you are going to do.

If you are a team that is going to NCA or UCA or compeating STUNT than I would choose the kid from Allstar if all skills are equal as they have already compeated in front of crowds and understand the pressure to perform.

On the other hand if my program only does sideline and I have no need for tumbling I will lean towards the one that has cheered HS as they understand the element of leading the fans in cheer.

In most cases I have found that most kids with equal skills the person that cheered Allstar is a little more polished. JMO
I agree with @wcdad . I feel like if it's not a competition type of team, and they're just gonna be doing cheers at a game, then the highschool cheerleader would be more comfortable with it. I know I cheered my freshman year of high school after doing allstar since I was 6, and it just wasn't my thing, and it was a bit uncomfortable for me because I hadn't been raised doing that. That's just what I think. :)