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May 15, 2011
I have had the passion since they came out and I was wondering if I should try another shoe? Do the other nfinity's even make a difference?
It's all personal preference, they're all pretty much the same and all are really light.
I prefer the genesis shoe over the others but everyone has their favorite. :)
phoenix, my cp is 8 but swears by them. She said as soon as put them on she could land all her passes and standing tumbling. She tumbles at level4
Hey :)
I just got my first pair of nfinitys! Haha I got the evolutions and I really like them. To be honest, It kinda depends on your foot "Shape". I thought I was really going to like the pheonixes but they were really narrow for my foot, while the evolutions, which are wider, are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comfy. My friend has the passions so I tumbled with them once and ....no. I cut those out of my list. Theyre really comfortable but just didn't feel good tumbling, so if you liked those, you'll definitly love any of the others. The pheonixes felt really nice (especially if you fly, the arch on the sole is great for heel stretches!) but like I said, they squeezed my feet. So if you have a narrower foot, I'd go with those. The evolutions feel a little more natural and are great for the spring floor and if you do running tucks! (Help with the punch)

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