All-Star Who's Your Favorite All Star Cheer Squad???

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I respect Stingray because of the amazing quality routine they put on the floor. I would have to say if I went anywhere to cheer, it would be Stingray!

But also Top Gun has the most intricate routines out there and are so fun to watch! So Stingray and Top Gun are my absolute favorites! But I do love all of the Large Senior teams too. ;)
cea, twisters, top gun, stingrays, georgia, and world cup!
o and of cource my gym infinity!
i would have to say, stingrays. Their entire program is great, every level. Ill never forget waking up at the crack of dawn just to go watch their Level 2's perform at nca. hahah ! & I also love cali, there program killed it this year! & of course i love just about every texas gym small and large :)
TN Pumas were the team that got me into cheer between 07 and 08, and will always be my favourite team, however among the others...
WC Shooting Stars
Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
Spirit of Texas IOC
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