Why Do You Cheer?

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i cheer mainly because im completely obsessed with everything about it. the feeling you get when youre on the mat competing is a feeling you can not get anywhere else. the feeling when you know every stunt hits, when you land your tumbling pass, when the crowd screams when everything goes right, getting ready for competitions, traveling, and just being apart of a team. and of course being announced for first place. i ask myself every single day why am i continuing during college instead of living the normal college life and i always complain about how much i hate cheering, but i know i wont know what to do with myself with out it and that i really do love the sport.
I'd have to say because as much as i say i hate it when we practice and condition, it's totally worth it when you do good at competitionss!
I cheer because ,well, I love it! Sometimes, I think about quitting, but I really would never do that. I love stunting and tumbling and going to different competitions. I'm an Allstar cheerleader, but I did midget football for probably about, 3 years. When I was on midgets, I loved going to practice and stuff, but hated the games! So when I was at a competition and heard about our local Allstar team, I immediately wanted to do it. It took a year or two, but now I'm cheerleading for an Allstar team! :cheering:
For school cheerleading I love the atmosphere at games and being able to cheer my team on! For all-stars I love the feeling of competitions and doing good at them :)
I love everything about it! Competitions, tumbling, stunts, everything! I don't know what my life would be like without it.
I love cheer for more than for the actual sport itself. Of course I love all of the tumbling, stunts, dance and competing etc.. but I also love that if I didn't do it then I wouldn't be the person I am today! I love that through cheerleading I have learnt dedication, commitment, sportsmanship, and that dreams can come true! I love being able to tell people that they're a champion whether they place first or not, as long as they tried their best then they're a champion. I cheer because it has taught me life long skills that not only will I carry through my cheer, but also through the rest of my life. I love cheer, and I am so thankful that I've had the privilege to participate in this amazing sport!
Everything about cheer made me start. I love it so much and I am glad I do it. :) Everything about cheerleading makes me smile, the tumbling, the stunts, the dance, everything. I love going to competitions and I love how the whole cheer group starts to become a big family. There's not enough words to describe why I cheer.
I love stunting and tumbling. I don't like HS cheering at games so id rather be on an Allstar team