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Jun 28, 2011
Custom Cheer Bows recently made contributions to a Relay for Life team in Jacksonville, Florida. What a day that was! We had the wonderful opportunity to share our bows with the community, and we even made custom cheer bows on the spot for those who were interested in designing their own bow creations! It was our first Relay for Life event, and we plan to be heavily involved with this chapter again next year, and for many years to come. What a great cause!
We think we can do more. We know we can make bigger donations. We want to help the community, again.
Cheerleaders are influential citizens in the community. They lead the crowd. They are role models. And when we speak about community service... well, you get the picture. So, why all the talk about what cheerleaders do and why it's important? Because we are announcing a new contest!!!
Custom Cheer Bows wants to help a well deserving team by offering a contest. The winning team will receive a free CUSTOM bow for each participating athlete on your specific team - verified by your coach and team roster!
Nominate your team and tell us why your team deserves to win.
Please visit for rules and instructions on how to enter! This is open to ANY AND ALL Cheerleading Teams! Good Luck to all of you!
Highland High School cheerleaders does so much for our community and we love helping out. Within our community we contribute by going to the elementary schools and helping the teachers by tutoring kids and assisting them with class. We also have started the program called The Sparkle Effect. This program is a program that the disabled children in our school district can cheer during our Friday night football games, along side with our Varsity cheerleaders. As the season gets closer, we will be starting community service, going around the district and picking up trash and planting flowers. As well as the fundraisers we do for our team: our bake sale for the community, car washes, and our gift card calendars. But, our biggest fundraiser would be our Youth Camp. Girls from the district come in for a 4-day day camp and we coach them on the basics of cheerleading, this includes: chants, cheers, dance, jumps, motions, etc. Those girls now look up to us greatly and its great to see them smiling when they are doing their cheers. Also, within the high school, our Varsity team recieves a senior football player. Since it is their last year, we treat them well by baking for them, making them extra posters, making scrapbooks for the end of the year and always cheering them on. In addition to this, we line our halls with posters supporting not only the football team but all sports within our school. And during pep rallies we cheer on all teams, not just football or basketball teams. Helping out within the community and our school isn't much of a chore. Our team is dedicated to changing the meaning of "cheerleading." Cheerleaders tend of have a bad reputation but our girls are determined to change that. Cheerleaders are often called brats and stuck up. But our team goal this year is to change that meaning to leaders, smart young girls, and girls that are looked up to by many. We want America to realize that they need cheerleaders! This year, we went to a UCA Ironman Summer Cheer Camp. This was an invition only camp and we were one of the four schools from Ohio that were invited. We won many awards, some being: Highest Dance Score, Best Jumps Award, Spirit Stick, The BANANA which is for the team that worked the hardest, and we also won the Leadership Award. This award was given to us by the other schools in an anonymous vote and was for being maybe not the best cheerleaders but great leaders, fun to be around, and over all good people. It was an honor to be given this award. Another girl on my team, named Annamarie and I received the All-American Cheerleader Award. This was given to us by the UCA staff and was for being not only good cheerleaders but also friendly, always having a positive attitude, always smiling, works hard, and contributes well. With the award includes an invite to the London New Years Day Parade. We would be cheering during the Parade. I strongly think that my team deserves these bows because not only do we work well as a team but we are like a family. Winning this contest would be an honor because not only would we be getting FREE bows, but we would be winning them because of our wonderful achievements. I hope you consider us for your choosing of the winner. Thank you for taking your time to read my contest entry, Taylor Oriti.