All-Star Worlds '11 In One Month

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Mar 19, 2010
I finally got my flight there and will be staying wed-monday. Cant wait to see
all of the amazing teams and people. I know i deff need to do some shopping before I leave. So now who's going and does everyone have their flights/room booked? Whats everyone's plans to lead up to worlds? and lastly is what is everybodys "must haves" for this exciting day(s). These next weeks are going to be crucial but it will be worth it.
In the lovely words of Courtney

I'm most likely going! My mom is a flight attendant so we're still checking for flights to make sure we can get down there and back. I'm going to be watching teams and filling out my bracket. Getting the full list of teams going, shopping for florida weather clothes, making and buying worlds shirts, and listening to cheer music until I die! It's worlds 2011 and I'm on the countdown!
im getting a shirt made for will be one of a kind. & as soon as you see it you will KNOW IT IS ME :) so excited. I need to get new nike shorts to match my fierceboard shirt & get a new outfit for friday night. No matter how much i plan plan plan I wont pack anything till the night before i leave. Cant wait though :)
I'm going! I've had my flights booked since a few days after Cheersport. I'm going early thursday and leaving mid-afternoon on Monday. I definitely need to do some shopping too & of course I've been tanning. Can't look pasty under those lights!
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