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Dec 21, 2009
i know this is early to post but with alot of teams having bids n such i figured i start it again this year!! i leave friday at 6:30 am from dallas love field and get to orlando at like 11:30 then head home late monda night. not sure what resort were stayin at but ahh i cant wait to get there are see everyone again!!
Im arriving right after my boyfriends class so like 1130 friday since he gets out at 10. Im staying at downtown disneys regal sun resort for friday night then the hard rock saturday night and then going home sunday =(
im going thursday morning! but im not going to the all star until friday, im staying at my condo thursday with my mom and friends.
and im pretty sure my team has practice sometime fridayyy.
and i leave late on monday :)
i leave after school on we will get in late! staying at the caribbean..and leaving monday afternoooon :D
Our flight leaves at 10:30PM Wednesday night. We get into Orlando at 8:20 Thursday morning! Staying @ ALL-STAR! We leave early Tuesday morning for SAN FRANCISCO! :dancingbanana:
I will be leaving on Friday at 10AM and arriving at 12:15 in Orlando then will be returning home on Monday at 11:45. I will be staying with OhhLindsss & our friend Kristy from CNY at Pop Century Resort! 8)
we leave friday earlyyy morning i believe at like 6 or something from DFW. & get there around 10 am ...were staying at the Holiday Inn Resort ! & we leave monday at like 10 pm..and get back to dallas around 1am..
wellll as of right now, WSF booked our flights for i believe 5am to go down friday and 5am to come back monday :brain dead:
HOWEVER. this will probably change for me 1. because IF i get the USASF(and that's a big if) I will have to be down there in time for an interview at 11, and our flight is not direct so we won't get in until 10:30. 2. because I'm planning to stay after the comp to spend time with family.
so we shall see when it gets closer =]
Most colonels from woodlands will arrive Thursday :) we have a few who arrive Friday. We havnt been told what hotel yet :))
Leaving Wednesday night at 630. Not staying at any resort, my family's renting a house to share with a another family, but ill probably be cruising around All star resort Friday. Then leaving early monday morningg.
Leaving Friday morning bright and early ... 6am flight out of Atlantic City! Should be in Orlando by 8am/9am!! Me and Syd will be stranding ourselves at the all star all day and night if possible :)
Leaving EARLLLLLLLY on Thursday morning and flying into Tampa. Then we're driving up to Blizzard Beach and doing that on Thursday. Friday I'm visiting UCF early then kicking it at our offsite resort and stalking a few teams possibly at allstar for the rest of the day. Saturday and Sunday, obviously competition, then Monday we're doing the Kingdoms, and Epcot, then Tuesday we're going back to tampa and laying out all day and flying back out at like 9:30. I forget were we're staying but I know it's offsite.
I arrive at noon Friday, have practice at Orlando All Stars at 8pm Friday night. Staying at Pop Century, and leaving around 11am Monday.

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