All-Star Worlds as a spectator

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Jun 23, 2011
Tried to search the forum to see if there was an older thread I could bump instead of creating a new one but everything was super old and closed.

I am from the UK and was lucky enough to go to watch a day of Worlds when I was working in Orlando back in 2014. I'm going to the Summit this year with the team I coach and planning on watching the Sunday of USASF Worlds.

The main thing I wanted to see if anyone has any insight on, is with the new arena, if it's still absolutely 100% necessary to be there for doors opening in order to get a seat in the arena for large senior semis. Also is it difficult to get a seat if you leave the arena and come back in later on in the day? Just not sure how busy it is these days and if the demand for seats is still as crazy as it was 9 years ago when I only got up from my seat once in about 15 hours!

Any other updated Worlds/Summit tips would be appreciated :) This is our first time at the Summit and I'm the only person in our travel party who has been to Worlds before.