All-Star Worlds Fundraising?

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Nov 23, 2010
How does your team raise money for worlds? Any creative fundraising ideas? What has worked best and worst in the past?
We do. 3 hour clinic where you can mix and match what you do each hour. Whether you choose to att all 3 or just for 1. We call it a you-pick-3 and there's stunt, stretch And tumble. It's gotten a lot of money when we do them. And when it's divided the peopl who work them usually end up getting more than the people who actually work classesand clinics at the gym.

We also do fun stuff like we did a parents night out thing last year. Basically babysitting. We brought fun games and stuff to play with the kids, music, we brought a fire out and stuff to make s'mores. That went well. S face painter

And we did like a dance party.

If you're able to get permission you can solicit outside a local grocery store. Which we also did.

We did an ad book. Going around to businesses in the area and they pay a certain amount to have an ad out in our book. And depending on the size of the ad or what was included the price was different
We've done cheer clinics, parent's night out (babysitting), and corporate sponsors. The corporate sponsors bring in the most money, but the threat of hosting a night of babysitting really made my team kids want to work just a little harder for that full paid bid!!!
Our World team sells dinners at our gym.
We usually have 2 teams in our gym from 5:00-7:00 and 2 teams in our gym from 7:00-9:00
So it's around 80-100 kids per traffic

Each night a different parent sign ups for dinner.
There is a weekly menu put on our website, dinners range from about $3-$5 ( the parent can set the price)
The family keeps all of the money and deposits into their child account.

We have had everyting from potatoe bar, pancakes, chicken nuggets, pizza, and our one mom is famous for her shrinp scampi. Our parents love that they can drop their kid off a half an hour early or stay a half an hour late and for $5 and the child comes home from practice and is already feed.
Along with the corporate sponsors, I've seen teams do a shirt with their gym logo or whatever on the front, then the back is all places that sponsor them. Go around to local companies, and they can buy a space on your shirts. Price can vary depending on size and location of the advertisement they choose.
We have done golf scrambles, fun nights at the gym, sponsors, but our best one is a designer handbag bingo. The ticket cost $20 for 20 games. Each of those games is for a designer handbag such as coach, dooney, etc. Since bingo is gambling it is only allowed to be ran by parents and any of the 18 year olds on the team. The rest of the team hosts a fun gym during the same time so people can drop their children off there. We have made roughly $250 per athlete on each one we have done.
Oh yeah corporate sponsors help alott. And alo like selling food at open gyms. We also do like but a bunch of cases of Hershey's bars. And wrap them in like a paper label with the gym logo and stuff on it. Sell them for a dollar each at your school or in your neighborhood