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Can someone that is 100% sure, post a link to where you can buy the VOD...
ive looked around the board, but am stilll kidna confussed of where it is....

thanks ( :
Go to

Scroll down.

Under 2010 Cheerleading & Dance Worlds Comptition is a tab for Video on Demand

Click it

There's the info. Registration will begin soon.
Acedad do you know when it will become available. I am trying to order before the 23rd so I can get it for $20.00 instead of $30.00
is this going to be shown on the same thing as CHEERSPORT was?? or do i have to purchase a diff. thingy?

It's a different thingy.

Not exactly sure when the registration is opening. I'll see if I can find out.
my dartfish thingy is good for a year...i won't beable to see worlds with that?

No, ma'am. Worlds does not use Dartfish. Currently, Cheersport is the only event that uses Dartfish.
i just ordered it! do they put up 2010 right away or they wait a while?

The videos will go up withing a short time of each performance; maybe an hour or two.