All-Star Worlds Warm Up

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Aug 2, 2010
My team and I are going to worlds for the first time this year and I was wondering what the warm up is like.

From what I have gathered its ten minuets on a full spring floor.

Is this true?
If so how do you go about warming up in the most effective way?
yupp. its a full spring floor with ten minutes. how you warm up is really up to the coaches. theyll have a game plan and know whats best for the team. my team usually does all of the stunts, coner up for tumbling, and then do a walk though with music and the pyramid. just stay focused in the warm up and youll be all good :)
make sure you have a plan for your warmup, otherwise it will be a HOT MESS with people running everywhere.
I would suggest you warm up like that at a practice or two before Worlds, it helps.