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Would you rather win:

  • All levels 1-4 and non Worlds level 5

    Votes: 4 4.3%
  • Level 5 worlds divisons

    Votes: 67 72.8%
  • All wins are equal to me

    Votes: 21 22.8%

  • Total voters
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Dec 4, 2009
What matters more? To win worlds or to win the divisions up to Worlds? If you could win all non worlds levels consistently OR ONLY win worlds levels... what would matter more to you?
Who are you asking? I think that would make all the difference in the answers.
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I'd rather win all the divisions. A strong gym, with strong levels is more important to me than one strong team winning one competition. Besides, if those lower levels are true to their level, and are winning the lower divisions, sooner or later I'm probably going to have a team that is competitive at worlds.
well personally as an athlete, i would rather win worlds. :D but even if i was a level 1-4 athlete, i'd still say, i'd rather win worlds.
as a coach though, i think having successful lower levels/open 5 would be more important/better. they are the building blocks of the program, and will one day be those level 5 athletes, so it's important to start at your roots. not just that but it gives the program a good image overall. i personally do not like seeing gyms who have kick butt level 5s, and then their lower levels are left unnoticed. a gym is a program for a reason. it is comprised of multiple teams, not just the one/ones with the most talent.
As a gym owner I'd say they are equal citing much of what ShowStopper said about being building blocks.

As a coach or athlete I'd rather win Level 5 Worlds because I know I'm going against the best.
all-level worlds just hasn't gotten as big as it is intended to be yet. its not super exciting to go or compete at, so even the kids don't feel the honor of winning there.
we have 3 level 5 teams ( if j5 was allowed 4) and we maybe have an open 6 so aroung 4 or 5 worlds teams .. if we had a clean sweep .. i would probably pass out of the amazingness
Winning worlds just seems like more of an accomplishment. Judges look for difficulty,execution, and precision to decide a champion.
All levels is more of a viewer decision. My grandma doesn't know the difference between a full and a tuck, so she might pick a team that has her favorite song in the music.
King, when you say when all levels 1-4, etc. are you talking about the All Levels competition? Or having those level teams win all year long?
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