All-Star Wsf Indy - Fierceboard Roll Call

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Cheer Parent
Dec 14, 2009
I know there's another thread with what teams are going, but let's get a list going of which Fierceboarders will be in Indy next weekend for WSF. We may try and schedule a Fierceboard meet-up time on Saturday night. Add your name below, if you're an athlete/parent/coach/owner, and what team and level. It'll be a good way to get out and support each others' teams as well. I'll start. :)

KikiD22, parent, Ultimate Athletics Mini 1 (I'll try and tweet live during Level 5's too again this year)
tdittmar-PCM (psycho cheer mom), Indiana Ultimate J4...also my trusty sidekick Katstat, fellow PCM whose daughter is also on J4.
I'm happy I have a level 1 kid, because now I can just camp out in Hall A all day. :)