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Jan 21, 2015
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Worlds and Summit (and Summit) is right around the corner and that means… tryout season! Over the last few months, your focus has been on being the best teammate, the best base, back, flyer or tumbler, and doing your routine to the best of your ability. And during this time, you may have been taking tumble classes on the side, or privates, or going to open gym and working on the skills you don’t have to use in the routine. Or maybe you’ve been spending time outside the gym doing other sports, academics, band, dance… everyone isn’t obsessed with cheer and that’s totally ok.

We want you to remember that everyone is different and everyone develops skills at a different pace… AND THAT’S NORMAL. And entire Sr2 team won’t make Sr3 together the next year, your badass Sr4.2 won’t all stay together no matter how many banners you’ve won, and the girl who walked onto Y1 without any tumbling might have been working towards perfecting level 3 skills. Every athlete in cheerleading is needed, and with all the divisions we have, everyone can make a team. Understanding your own value as an athlete beyond the skills you physically put on the mat is extremely important and often overlooked.

For example, you might have been on a Sr3 team last season, and this year be placed on a Jr3. Firstly, it’s the same skill level so please don’t ever see changing age brackets as a reflection on your technical abilities. Secondly, the fact your coaches put you on a Jr3 was probably to foster your leadership skills and because they saw something in you that would bond, build and grow this new team. Everything happens for a reason, so trust the process!

And until then, ENJOY these last few weeks with your team. The banners and trophies and medals will all be packed away one day, but the memories you make will last forever.
Not open for further replies.