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Aug 12, 2010
My friends and I were playing this game where we would say "you know your a cheerleader when..." and we would finish it off with something only a cheerleader would do. Let's see what crazy cheer obsessed moments we can put up here.

I'll start: You know your a cheerleader when you can sing every teams cheer music from the last 3 seasons.
Literally the other day I was going to post this!! Don't even know what stopped me hahaha and now I forget the one i was going to say... if i think of it i'll post back :)
- When you rock out to cheer music in your car
- When you tumble around the house
- When you pull stretches as if you're flying in front of a mirror

I'm not even a cheerleader and I do these things, haha
Off Facebook:

1. You outwardly sigh when people ask if what you do is 'like in Bring It On' and you've stopped trying to explain that there's a bit more to it...

2. When at any kind of sporting event, you do the High V when celebrating a basket/goal/good thing (sometimes followed by a proper clasp) (I DO THIS ALLLLL THE TIME!!)

3. When choosing sports clothes you select on the basis of suitability for stunting in and squad colours.

4. When in training for competition, you have bigger muscles than most guys you know (apart from your male team mates who are of course buffer than ALL the guys you know).

5. You can't dance regularly anymore and find it hard to control the urge to do transition moves when leaving the dance floor.

6. You can't JUST tumble. You clean up afterwards or jump.

7. Counting to 9 just feels wrong.

8. You visualise tumble runs and stunts to most dance tracks.

9. Your Youtube viewing history has all the Worlds routines you could find.

10. You have been asked by concerned friends on more than one occasion where the bruises come from.

11. You show initial confusion when non cheer friends use cheer terms - for example 'I think I need a facial' or 'I wish I could go but I'm worried about flying'.

12. When you see people stretching in the gym you feel like going up to them and saying 'that's not a stretch THIS is a stretch' and pulling a heel stretch.

-When your telling a story about stunting at practice, and NO ONE knows what your saying... and when you see the cheerleaders at games, and laugh a little, because before all stars you looked up to them
-you die a little when a cheer goes 1, 2 3, 4! *clap clap clap clap* and signs...
-when one more time means do it again untill it hits the way your coach wants it too
-You start doing everyday chores so 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8....
-people are amazed that you can do a backflip
-when people look at you funny when you go out to eat after a comp with hair bow makeup and your uniform on
when your friend spots glitter in your hair a week after a comp simply because you put so much in your hair, even if you have washed it six thousand times since. :)
-when you throw your tuck perfectly, then sprain your ankle doing a forwards roll.
-When you remember where you've traveled by where you've stunted/tumbled
-When you have thrown a backtuck or put up a lib in any fast food establishment just because "it seemed like a good idea at the time" (yes NCA staff I am talking to you haha)
When you are talking to another cheerleader to school and everybody looks at you like your crazy cause they don't know what you are talking about.

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when you are planning on using your moms companion passes she gets from working at an airline company to bring all your best cheer friends (aka, only friends) to the CEA showcase.
Okay here goes...

1) You spend more time on here, than doing school work
2) You sit watching the TV/doing HWK either stretching in splits or in straddle
3) You have a bigger selection of ribbons/bows than many fabric stores
4) As soon as you hear the word "cheerleader" in a song, or on a totally un-cheery program, you automaticaly listen
5) When stressed or nervous, you end up counting in 8s in your head ( at least I do...)
6) You sometimes wish that cheerleading wasnt called cheerleading anymore...because most of the time...we dont cheer...and we dont lead a crowd...
7) Your youtube history is full of worlds vids
8) Nothing will stop you from going to practice...unless you physically cannot move, or a really chucking up, YOU WILL BE THERE!
9) No matter how much you warm up, or what you do that practice, you will always hurt the next day
10) The pain isnt that bad though, because you know you got it working for something you love
11) When non-cheer friends ask why your kit bag is so big, you list all of the random things inside (spare top/crop, leggins, spare socks, painkillers/deep heat, water, orange juice, tape, snacks, camera, sissors, supports, ect) they ask why you need it all, and you reply, you spend so much time at practice, anything and everything comes in handy at some time...
12) You dont go to practice just to train....I go to coach, then work though my school work while my sister trains, then train myself....
13) You cant actually see yourself leaving cheer forever...
-you think that the best present ever is a cheer shirt or bow.
-you pull stretches everywhere you go.
-you have over 100 cheer mixes in your iPod.
-you are emotionally attcached to ur cheer shoes and uniform.
-you have a link on your homepage on ur itouch for fierce board
-You work on stretching for hours
-you have memorized all of the large senior routines
-you want to visit one of your favorite gyms for vacation
-you have way too many cheer shirts
-all your friends get sick of cheer gossip
-you try to teach your friends all of the cheer terms.
-you have a collage in your room of pics of ur fave teams
-you spend hours making bows