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  1. K

    High School Cheer Big/Lil for a K-12

    2nd year coach here. Big/Lil was something I wanted to implement last year but because there were so many changes it didn't work out and my MS became a part of the HS team and only participated in HS events. This year I'm going to try hard to get it set I already have the reveal and dates set...
  2. C

    Anyone Interested In Cheering In College?

    If you love Cheer, Scholarships, and love the idea of studying in Miami than connect with me! Coach Garcia ASA College Miami, FL
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College Where Will You Be Attending Camp This Summer?

    Not sure where UK will be going to this summer, though.
  4. Kentucky Girl

    High School Are Squads Required To Attend Cheer Camp?

    As far as I know, neither Auburn nor Notre Dame attend camp but I could be wrong.
  5. Kentucky Girl

    High School Which High School Camp Will Your Squad Be Attending This Summer?

    I know the UCA Camp at the University of Kentucky will feature top high school squads like Dunbar, Greenup County, Graves County, North Laurel, Pikeville and many more squads.
  6. Kentucky Girl

    College Which College Camp Will Your Squad Be Attending This Summer?

    The University of Kentucky will be attending the UCA/UDA College Camp at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin alongside University of Kansas, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota and several other colleges.
  7. AScheer

    High School Summer Camps

    Anyone else see the new information about music for home pom routines at UCA camps this summer? They aren't allowing cheer mixes so that we/they are protected from copyright infringement. Only music allowed is a single unedited song purchased from iTunes or similar, old UCA cover mixes, or a...