1. S

    High School College Recruit Clinic

    Hello Fierceboard! Wanted to spread the word on the upcoming Colorado College Recruit Clinic being held in the Denver area this October. Who: High school aged cheerleaders (school & all star; all girl & coed) are invited to meet and interact with College Programs What: College cheer...
  2. Kentucky Girl

    High School Are Squads Required To Attend Cheer Camp?

    As far as I know, neither Auburn nor Notre Dame attend camp but I could be wrong.
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca & Nca To Feature Game Day Divisions For 2018

    This: Game Day is steadily growing each and every year! In previous years on day one at NCA & NDA College Nationals, the Game Day portion of each routine took place right before the traditional two minute and fifteen second music portion in Prelims. Each team was given 45 seconds to complete...
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College States

    I notice that colleges in Kentucky (except for Louisville), Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota and Indiana tend to compete for UCA whereas colleges in Texas, Oklahoma (except for the Oklahoma Sooners), North Carolina and South Carolina tend to compete for NCA and colleges in California...
  5. Kentucky Girl

    College 2017 University Of Kentucky Cheerleading Tryouts

    Tryouts for the 2017-18 University of Kentucky cheerleading squads are taking place this weekend! Thoughts?
  6. Drkilluzionz

    College Fiu (miami, Fl) Sm Coed At Nca Nationals!

    FIU has tryouts May 8-10. In preparation we've made this video recap of our College Nationals experience. Please share with your juniors and seniors and let them know we offer priority registration, book/lab scholarships per semester and use of the athletic training staff and facilities.
  7. T

    College Cheerleading

    hey guys! I just wanted to hear your opinions and advice. I currently attend West Virginia University and they have two co-ed teams. I've cheered for about 6-7 years and I took a couple years off to focus on my academics. I am interested in trying out for the team, but what is the likelihood...
  8. DePaulCheer

    Depaul Cheer Tryouts

    DePaul University Co-Ed Cheer Team will be hosting Spring Tryouts for the 2017-2018 Season on Sunday May 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM TRYOUT LOCATION McGrath Arena 2323 North Sheffield Avenue Chicago, IL 60614 ELIGIBILITY • Incoming freshman, transfer students, graduate students and current DePaul...
  9. Kentucky Girl

    College 2017 Nca College Nationals

    The performance order is out!
  10. Kentucky Girl

    College Making The Transition To College Cheerleading

    For the most part, high school and all-star cheerleaders from coed squads generally have a much easier transition to cheering on a coed collegiate squad while high school and all-star cheerleaders from all-girl squads tend to cheer on an all-girl squad in college (though there are several who...
  11. Kentucky Girl

    College Top 75 Colleges To Cheer

    Cheer Magazine has published a list of the Top 75 colleges to cheer and guess who's numero uno? Top 75 Colleges to Cheer »
  12. Kentucky Girl

    College 2017 Uca College Nationals

    The 2017 edition of the UCA College Nationals is coming up in a couple of months, but with the new music rule, could we be seeing more of less teams this year?
  13. W

    Advice On This Stunt?

    Has anyone done this stunt that has any advice? For reference I am coming from a collegiate competitive cheerleading club. Our rewinds are not making much progress and we would like to add this stunt into the routine instead, but it would have to show significant progress in a weeks time. Thanks!
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College Intermediate Divisions

    Why does the NCA College Nationals have intermediate divisions whereas the UCA College Nationals does not?
  15. Kentucky Girl

    College 2016 College Football Season Is Here!

    The Kentucky Wildcats will be hosting Southern Miss on Saturday, September 3rd in Lexington and the UK cheerleaders are very excited even though UK is a basketball school. Anybody else excited about cheering for football this year?
  16. Amberlc21

    Starting A College Team (comp. Only)

    Hey everyone!! So I attend an art school that does not have sports programs, but I have had some interest from fellow students in starting a competition only cheer team. I'm wondering if anyone has advice on this and how to go about forming the team. :) Thanks!
  17. Corey Stone

    High School New College Cheer Recruit Site (free)

    Hi all, I'm Corey, the founder and former KU cheer coach (2004-2015). Not sure where I should post this (apparently I'm not allowed to post on the "News" board), but just trying to spread the word on something I made recently. Basically, any high school (or juco) cheerleaders who...
  18. Kentucky Girl

    College Which College Camp Will Your Squad Be Attending This Summer?

    The University of Kentucky will be attending the UCA/UDA College Camp at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin alongside University of Kansas, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota and several other colleges.
  19. H

    High School When Its All Over

    Well since im approaching my senior year, im having the inevitable thought of what happens when cheer is all over. I really do love cheering for my school, and making community service appearances, so i know i will be so upset when its over and i go to college. The university i plan on going to...
  20. JayNYC

    College Michigan State All Girl Tryouts!!

    Clink the link above for all information or email us at mailto:[email protected]!!! Hope to see you there!!