1. Kentucky Girl

    College New College Rules For 2019-20 Changes include signs as well as new basketball rules.
  2. P

    No One Believes I Can Do Cheerleading, Should I Do It Anyway?

    I'm beginning college next month and I'm thinking about trying for cheerleading after my friend encouraged I should do it with her. Every time I mention I wanna do it to my family, they bring me down and say I can't do it because I have no experience and I'm too shy. I even brought it up to my...
  3. C

    Anyone Interested In Cheering In College?

    If you love Cheer, Scholarships, and love the idea of studying in Miami than connect with me! Coach Garcia ASA College Miami, FL
  4. cheerleader_madileigh

    College College Cheerleading Apparel

    Does anyone know if there is a website or a place that sells college cheer apparel? Just like how they sell football, basketball, etc. apparel? (I'm not looking for any specific college, just curious).
  5. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019-20 University Of Kentucky Cheerleading Tryouts

    Well the 24-time UCA Division I-A cheerleading champions the University of Kentucky held their annual tryouts this weekend. Is there anybody that you know of is trying out for UK? BTW, several UK cheerleading (including the Wildcat mascot) are graduating this year.
  6. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Nca College Nationals

    I notice that very few college teams compete at the NCA College Nationals as opposed to the UCA College Nationals. Sure there are top teams like Louisville, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and SFA, but the competition is rather light down in Daytona. Thoughts?
  7. C

    All-Star Medical News And Cheering

    Wasn’t sure if the allstar forum was the best place to post this on here but desperately hoping for advice. CP recently found out she’s going to have a bit of medical/dental procedures going on over the next few years, ranging from nose surgery to years of braces with possible jaw surgery among...
  8. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Usa Collegiate Nationals

    Performance order has been released:
  9. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star A Game Day Division For All-star Teams?

    Even though all-star squads don't cheer for athletic events, it wouldn't be a bad idea for all-star squads to do a game day division to give all-star cheerleaders a better chance at making a college squad. Thoughts?
  10. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Uca College Nationals

    Can't wait to see Kentucky go for Championship Number #24 in January. Any others very excited?
  11. Kentucky Girl

    High School Why Are Coed Squads Rare In High School?

    There are many great coed high school squads that do collegiate-like routines such as Graves County, Bartow, Lewisville, Dyer County and many others but for the most part, coed high school squads are a rarity compared to college. Thoughts?
  12. Kentucky Girl

    College Ku Cheerleaders Hazing Incident

    I don't know if this was already been posted or not but I would like to share this piece of info: Kansas cheerleaders punished for alleged naked hazing incident Warning: reader discretion advised.
  13. Kentucky Girl

    College Cheerleader U: Where Are They Now?

    Whatever happened to the former Kentucky and UCF cheerleaders who appeared in the show? I do know that Tara married a former Louisville cheerleader.
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College Anybody Trying Out For College?

    And if so, which college are you trying out for?
  15. Kentucky Girl

    High School Differences Between Cheering At Football Games Vs. Basketball Games

    In football, college squads are allowed to perform 2 1/2 high pyramids, basket tosses, rewinds into partner stunts and one-armed partner stunts whereas in basketball, squads can only perform 2 high pyramids and cupies with an additional spotter. Thoughts?
  16. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Nca College Nationals

    The 2018 NCA College Nationals are coming up soon. Anybody excited?
  17. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Usa Collegiate Nationals

    Boise State and Arizona State among the schools competing at Anaheim this weekend: 2018 USA Collegiate Championships - Varsity TV Event - Varsity
  18. Kentucky Girl

    College Louisville Basketball Forced To Vacate National Title

    One of the top college cheerleading schools was forced to vacate its 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: NCAA denies Louisville's appeal, rules Cardinals must vacate 2013 national title
  19. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Uca College Nationals

    Anybody excited for the 2018 UCA College Nationals in January? I wonder what Kentucky has in store for us, hmm... ;)
  20. S

    High School College Recruit Clinic

    Hello Fierceboard! Wanted to spread the word on the upcoming Colorado College Recruit Clinic being held in the Denver area this October. Who: High school aged cheerleaders (school & all star; all girl & coed) are invited to meet and interact with College Programs What: College cheer...