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  1. K

    All-Star Should Level 5 And 6 Have Different Tumbling Rules?

    Sometimes, in level 5 or 6, there are athletes with a round off handspring fulls competing against athletes with whip doubles. Where do you put the athlete that has a full but doesn't have variation passes. They don't really belong on level 4 but they wouldn't really be able to compete against...
  2. Nvdw

    All-Star Level 5 - 3 Skill Basket Inspo

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an original level 5 basket toss for my team with 3 skills, but I can't seem to find any inspiration. (EU team) Do you guys have any cool ideas? (preferably non-spinning) Thanks!
  3. icame2WERQ

    All-Star Summit - Level 5

    So if i am reading correctly, senior 5 teams can go to summit now if they do not get a bid to go to worlds?
  4. mama2twinsplus1

    All-Star Restricted Level 5 Cheer

    Hello, I have done general searches on the board about info for criteria on what skills you need for a Restricted Junior Level 5 and I can't find any resources. I also went to USASF and they don't seem to be posting their rules anymore. Anyone have any good resources I can read? CP is...
  5. BBinNCsMom

    All-Star Youth Level 5

    Im curious as to opinions in general. At this point in all star cheer, is there a place for youth level 5? Given that 5 year olds can be on a junior team (not that it's really changed) what would be the incentive to make a youth 5 team? My daughter was on a youth level 4 team last year and...
  6. cheercurl

    All-Star I There A List Of Level 5 Teams By State?

    I am just curious if say the state of California got 27 bids to World's....just how many level 5 teams are there in Cali or TX or NJ or FL.
  7. DanaBurkey

    Level 5 Pyramid/stunt

    Hello everyone! For those of you that I haven't met you here on Fierce Boards, I'm a young adult fiction author and I am in the middle of writing a series about all star cheerleading. I am currently working on book 4 and have some pyramid questions that I need some legal help on. Would the...
  8. azune

    Level 5 Tumbling

    standing full, to bhs, whip double legal?
  9. AndyT_T

    All-Star Rewinds At Level 5?

    Could you make the case for group stunt rewinds being a level 5 skill? If you watch videos of them in slow-motion the flyers feet can often be above/behind her head by the time the backstop finally flicks through their thumbs, and after Steel's elite stunt last year couldn't a team claim that's...
  10. dat.jpp

    Level 5 Stunt?

    Skip to 0:35 to see the stunt. Is this stunt still legal if it is, how do you do this stunt?
  11. bxccx

    Level 5 Skills?

    I'm on a level 4 team this season but next season I want to try out for a level 5 team. What tumbling and stunting skills should I have before tryouts for next season? I have practices twice a week and tumbling classes 1-2 times a week to work on everything. Thanks!!
  12. DanaBurkey

    Level 5 Tumbling And Flying

    Hey everyone! I am currently working on book 3 in my cheerleading fiction series, and want to include some extremely hard level 5 skills. I have slogged through the rule books, watched routine after routine on YouTube, but still want to make sure I am choosing the hardest and best. Any...
  13. Gold Coast All Stars

    Immediate Hire: Tumbling Instructor Level 5

    Now hiring for tumbling instructor position for busy gym in Stamford, CT. Experience with level 5 a MUST! Serious applicants only. Call 203-588-1051
  14. gofriars610

    All-Star Nca Level 5/6 Videos

    Because NCA is a monster competition, I thought it made sense to break the thread up by level. Please post level 5 and level 6 videos (including 5R and Y5) in this thread and please keep discussion to a minimum. Best of luck to all teams this weekend!
  15. Stopdroptumble19

    All-Star Mega Gyms And Deciding Who Goes On Which Level 5 Team...

    I've always wondered with these huge gyms that have multiple level 5 teams, stingrays, Cali, World Cup, etc...when evaluation time comes around how do they decide which girl (or boy ;-)) goes on let's say restricted 5 instead of the main team the gym is known for? I'm assuming experience and...
  16. Jayjay1301

    Level 5 Tumbling

    Hey guys. I recently was told by a cheer coach that he would love for me to be in his small coed level 5 team. I can do level 5 stunts but I'm a level 1 tumbler. Is there a way I can get level 5 tumbling in a year?
  17. Michael White

    Help With Stepping Up My Level 5 Game.

    Hello everybody! I would like to improve my Level 5 tumbling and am open for all suggestions. I have a running full including some combos (whip through to full, Arabian through to full) and am working on some more interesting passes. (round off whip Arabian through to full, or through to whip...
  18. T

    International Open Co-ed Level 5 In Austin Tx

    Austin Cheer Factory in Austin Tx has started its very first IOC 5! We are so excited also to have the only IOC team in Austin. First a little back ground about Austin Cheer Factory. With 330 national titles, worlds silver medalist and countless NCA victories, We have made a name for ourselves...
  19. laurensfierce2000

    Aspiring Level 5 Cheerleader

    Hi all, I'm taking this season off to work on my tumbling because I hope to be on a level 5 team someday. I'm currently 15 and I feel like I'm really short on time to make a senior team, although I know an IOC5 team will always be an option. I haven't been in the gym in a while, say 3 weeks...
  20. arispurplecheerkitty

    All-Star Getting Ready For Level 5

    What are some ways I can transition smoothly into level five? Mostly the stunting needs and a jump back tuck.