1. B

    My Stunt Group Gives Me Anxiety

    Hi! I had posted previously about my group that won't really work with me. So last week we had death in the family that took a huge toll on me. The same day i was told, I had practice. It is competition week so I dont want to miss the practice, but it was too overwhelming to be around a crowd...
  2. *Becky*Stars*

    All-Star Cheerleading Training Games

    Does anyone have any idea's for Games/competitions we can have during practice in reward for sweets/stickers etc. We do a few like playing a version of poker or hit 3 in a row for a sticker. Just wondering if anyone had any cool/fun ideas on here?
  3. tjbettin

    High School Falling Out Of Lib

    One of my flyers keeps STEPPING out of her lib when she's in the air, forcing her to fall forward and land directly on the mat on her foot. I'm worried about a potential ankle injury. How do I teach a flyer not to do that. PS: the bases are able to get the lib up there and hold it. It only...
  4. L

    All-Star Level 2 Stunt Question

    Hi, I am new to the boards so I'm not sure if I'm posting this question in the right place. I have a quick stunting question as I've had several people tell me different things. If I want the flyer to be tossed from one stunt group to another (in like a show n' go) could I do this as long as...
  5. J

    Stunting Help Or Advice Needed...

    hello! I am one of 3 captains on my high school team, and we have been experiencing stunting challenges with a particular team member since the beginning of our season (June). This team member is new to cheerleading, and she attended UCA camp over summer with the rest of the team to learn the...
  6. lunarwind5

    Co Ed Drills

    Hi! Does anyone know any drills for Co Ed hands and Chairs? I'm prepping for college tryouts, but I don't have a stunt partner. Is there any drills I could use to practice on my own?
  7. DanaBurkey

    Level 5 Tumbling And Flying

    Hey everyone! I am currently working on book 3 in my cheerleading fiction series, and want to include some extremely hard level 5 skills. I have slogged through the rule books, watched routine after routine on YouTube, but still want to make sure I am choosing the hardest and best. Any...
  8. JayNYC

    College Michigan State All Girl Tryouts!!

    Clink the link above for all information or email us at mailto:[email protected]!!! Hope to see you there!!
  9. Allen

    Have You Every Try To Do A Toss Extension For 24 Times?

    Have you every try to do a toss extension for 24 times? and count the time, and compete on internet? Just try to take a video, and share with us !! Just x 24 Click "Like" for our page → CheerFit
  10. C

    Abiding With School Rules And Usasf Rules (level 1)

    I coach an elementary school level 1 team and the principle does not want us going to prep because she fears its too dangerous. The kids have a competition coming up and I know that they may not score high if they do not go to prep at least once. I though about making them go o prep while on...