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Dec 14, 2009
I have a parent who questioned me because I made her daughter throw her pass 10 times due to her daughter touching down last night (Week of Worlds). Was that too much? She landed all 10 in a row, showed no signs of being in pain, and wasnt forced to owe them in a certain time limit. If the skill matters, its an Arabian through to Double.
I think you're fine. As long as you weren't making her do it 10 times in a row with no time to catch her breath or collect herself then I see no problem with it.
10 times throughout an entire practice isn't too bad. If it was 10 in a row that may be a little crazy.

And people always say, "you can only do it if you hit it 10 out of 10 times"
No I dont think thats cruel at all. If it was 50 times that would be a bit crazy but 10 is normal. Just tell the parents that if the daughter touched down on that pass at worlds, they would never forgive themselves, so practicing the skill is just a prevention for it happening at worlds. You practice stunts more than 10 times, so why not tumbling.
You will always have parents that will question your methods, keep doing what you're doing! I would have to say you're doing a great job after seeing your team perform at CSG in Chicago!
We had a showing a couple of weeks ago and Emileigh touched out on her one to full. Orson made her throw it every single time the rest of the night. WAY MORE THAN 10 TIMES. She kept going up to him every so often and asking if she still had to throw them and he kept saying yes. haha Needless to say...she hasn't touched out on that since. lmbo So to answer your question was it too much? absolutely not. Even if it was 10 times in a row (allowing her to breath and rest for a little bit in between) is completely normal for a worlds caliber athlete to do. Don't sweat it. The parent needs to sit down and zip it. Susie needs her training to win worlds!!! :D
No. You cant get this week back. She should be throwing so many fulls this week so that when she gets to worlds she doesnt even have to think to do it!
That is all based on the mental and physical abilities of the athlete. Some athletes need that, and some don't. Sounds like you knew the right things to look for and it was a good requirement.

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