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Dec 4, 2009
The CNN special said there were 200,000 all-star cheerleaders in the US. The last official estimate I had heard was 100,000 (a few years ago). That is a heckuva new estimate. Anyone know of any other official estimate? Wikipedia says 1.5 million, not sure of their reference though.
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There are no scientific numbers available only guestimates. The 1.5 probably comes from the Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association that does a phone interview to a small number of households to find out what sports or activities they participate in and that number is multiplied to represent participation nationally. However, we don't know what type of cheerleaders they are much like the NFHS saying there are 400,000. We don't know if they are pom squads, squads that compete or even do acrobatics or tumbling at all.

Once we separate the cheer athletes who compete from sideline cheerleaders then statistics will be more clear.
I have wished there was a way to get accurate numbers for years. The athlete membership requirement with USASF will be an excellent step in the right direction though we would still have to do some extrapolation.
They also said that the sport was only female so I'm not sure how much I trust their number.
It would seem as if Event Promoters keep stats on the number of athletes competing at their events every year. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the polling but it would not be that difficult (though it would be time consuming) to get a list and numbers of participants from the major promoters and delete the duplicates.
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200,000 to 300,000 cheerleaders seems about right for all-star. If you include peewee, rec, high school, middle school, and the over popular parent squad I could DEFINITELY see 1.5 million cheerleaders.

I read somewhere there are 40,000,000 ish people in the US that play baseball. 1.5 million cheerleaders doesn't seem like a stretch.
Last I heard there were ~2500~ gyms. Based on an average of 50 athletes per gym that equals 125,000.
80 per gym is 200,000
120 per gym is 300,000.

I don't think the AVERAGE gym is over 100 athletes.

My guess is we are closer to the 125-150K allstar cheerleaders