All-Star 2010 Is Ending, What Are Your Cheer Memories?

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Mar 19, 2010
Yes, the new season has started, but the wonders that happened 2010 will still be with us.

.Competing at worlds my first time is definitely something I am proud of in 2010.
.When the board BLEW UP during the CEA showcase in OCT
. The new(er) fierceboard!
- Competing at a higher level than I've done before.
- My first choreography camp with an american choreograph.
- Being the head photographer at the swedish nationals.
- Photographing a lot of other cheer events.
- Starting my own photograph company.
- Start selling bows at competitions.
- Getting incredible much recognition for my cheerleading blog.
- Media/sportsmanship training with the swedish cheerleading federation.
- Moving up from coaching mini 1 to youth 2. Love my kids.
- Joining Fierceboard ;)
getting my standing bhs and ro bhs
getting first at my first competition
switching to a better gym with amazing people :)
  • Competing at worlds for the first time
  • winning worlds 2010-I remember the excitement I felt when they announced we won. BEST feeling EVER
  • Getting my first Jamfest Super Nationals Grand Champion jacket
  • But MOST OF ALL just making Supercells 09-10 was an AMAZING memory I have.
I could go on forever. Haha.
-joining fierce board:)
-getting my standing back handspring on a dead mat
-getting my needle
-going to a new gym
The Pop Warner team I coach placing first at their local and state qualifier competition, as well as taking third place at regionals; it was the best they've ever done and farthest they've ever gotten. I'm so proud of them! :)
Senior Elite winning worlds :)

I hate that I didn't have any personal cheer memories though :/ Hopefully that will change for 2011.
-captain of my varsity cheer team-ending the season!
-going to worlds with my best friends!!! :D
-^^Met a ton of amazing fireceboarders and saw teams live for the first time!
-competing for all star maybe for the last time (not sure)
-making the college cheer team!!
-coaching at FAME
-breaking & tearing my thumb...=/
Getting my needle
Getting my standing tuck that I had been working on for nearly 2 years
Senior Elite winning worlds<3
-competing on a level 4 team for the first time
-getting my handspring layout then my handspring tuck (yes, in that order)
-joining fierceboard
-competing at our last competition after so much drama, and level drops, and injuries and coming out with the best routine we've ever done
-u.s. finals. so fun!