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Jul 1, 2010
Hi everyone! Last year I posted a thread about music ideas and everyones ideas were awesome so I thought I'd do it again. This year my high school team is going with a "go wild" theme. Our mascot is the wildcat so we are having a little play on words in our cheer...go "wild" cats....sort of like go "crazy" cats! Anyway, we want to add music to our routine with a go wild/go crazy theme. Any song ideas or lines would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, you guys are the best!!!
don't know if any of these could work but i'm really bored & i know some are really random & some the rest of the song isn't appropriate so i quoted the parts i was talking about:)

• get crazy - lmfao
"get crazy get loud let's party get wild"
• driving me crazy - sam adams
"baby you been driving me crazy can you be my lady can you be my baby baby driving me crazy"
• blow - ke$ha
"go insane go insane throw some glitter make it rain"
• young wild & free - wiz khalifa & snoop dog
"thats how it's supposed to be livin young & wild & free"
• goin crazy - ashley tisdale
"you got me goin crazy it's just the way you're movin i really wish you knew what you do"
• krazy - lil jon
"now jump up let's get crazy"
• crazy in love - beyonce & jay z
"got me lookin so crazy right now your love's got me lookin so crazy right now"
• crazy - aerosmith
"i go crazy crazy baby i go crazy"
• angel in the night - basshunter
"i don't know what i'm gonna do but i'm so crazy about you"
• let's get crazy - miley cyrus
"let's get crazy get up & dance take a swing do your thing if we're taking a chance"
Born to be Wild
Im a Real Wild Child (im a wild one baby ima wild one)
Wild Wild Life
Are you Wild and dirty like an animal
My Wildest Dreams
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