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Jun 6, 2012
Question: there is much grumble about new score sheet.

Can someone explain the basics of what makes this one different from the previous years?
It's my understanding drivers are the big focus this year. In the past the score sheet was based on 100 pts, now it's 50 pts. and weighted much differently in each category. If you look at each score sheet, you can see Stunts and Pyramids used to be worth a total of 25 pts out of 100 (25%), now between difficulty, technique and creativity they're worth 18 pts out of 50 (36%), so weighted much higher than years past. Standing and running tumbling used to be worth 20 pts (20%), now they're worth 16 pts (32%). Tosses were worth 10 pts (10%), now 4 pts (8%). Jumps used to be worth 10 pts (10%), now they're worth 4 pts (8%). The biggest change, Routine Comp and Performance used to be worth a total of 20 pts (20%), now it's only worth 6 pts (12%).

The Varsity score sheet is going to be a big hit for teams that may have been more entertaining in the past, but perhaps played a little safe in the stunt and pyramid category. The World's score sheet almost falls between Varsity's last year and this year percentage rates.

World's score sheet: Stunt and Pyramid including building creativity 30%, Standing and Running Tumbling 26.7%, Tosses 13.3%, Jumps 13.3%, Dance/Routine/Comp Performance 16.7%

Score sheet 21-22
World's Score sheet 21-22


Jun 3, 2014
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Large coed is gonna be such a battle this year. TGLC and Steel have such different styles, but are both probably some of the best representations of what all star cheer should be.

The battle between these two teams alone is why I really don't want large senior coed to be removed as a division.

If Varisty, USASF or whoever's argument is to align the team sizes across all levels, please keep the current large senior and large senior coed divisions and re-name them to extra-large senior and extra-large senior coed (in exchange for extra-small senior and extra-small coed).
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