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All-Star 2021 Worlds - Day 2 Discussion


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Happy for smoex to still globe! And yay we blops!! I wasn't planning on staying awake for the awards, bc I have class in 4 hours lol. But thankfully we're only revising, so here I am. Goodnight!


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bolted out of uni just in time to make it home for med coed awards, priorities clearly in order today, so happy for black ops!!


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I was asleep but woke up to check doors and wait WE BLOPS won!


I feel like they've been getting better and better every year - love to see it!

So has Smoex as well!


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Super close scores in Med. Coed:
1 Woodlands Elite - OR Black Ops 144.5 (0 deductions)
2 The California All Stars - Livermore Black Ops 143.85 (0 deductions)
3 Cheer Extreme - Raleigh SMOEX 143.3 (2 its in deductions)

So if Smoex had hit they would've won


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I'm a little sad Warriors didn't globe either, but I'm sooooo happy Prodigy and Woodlands are bringing back globes! I've been waiting for Black Ops to win a gold!!


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Random comment, but I'm bothered by the camera angle being slightly off center, in multiple arenas. What would it take to move the camera over two feet. I don't remember the camera being off-center at other Worlds. The feed is expensive, the camera angle should be completely centered.
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I just now saw this, but thank you! Hard to believe the same little cartwheeling mini creature that brought me to this board so many years ago is now a 15yo world champ! :cloud9:

I did not know! At last post I saw from you I think she was on Crush or maybe Beatles?! (Unless I made that up!)


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She was on Beatles (and crush etc etc for years before that) last season but I am in school in Raleigh now so it necessitated a move for 20-21.

Oh wow okay!

It's crazy because I do remember you posting about her being on Youth Elite, going to Summit, etc! Life comes at you fast!

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