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I could also get on board with top 10 + 3 per country. But if it's not intended to be a world championship, whether club or national team, then I'd also be for a name change and not call national or international champions world champions. But then again, I'm not a fan of the NFL calling the super bowl champions world champions either. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't think there will ever be a perfect solution, but this thing with changing what divisions are offered every other year because there's an outrage is getting tiring.
That is a fair argument. The NFL calling themselves "World Champion" doesn't bother me because they are pretty clearly the best team in the world (that day) at that particular brand of football, but I can understand your view.

Our sport can have literally thousands of different teams call themselves "national champion" each year. Some single events can have over 100 different teams be "national champions". I don't think we get too carried away with the traditional definitions of titles.

For what it is worth, our "national championships" don't use the gym's states for rankings or advancement. Those events often are entered (and occasionally won by) non-US teams and no one blinks. It is only the IASF divisions at one event a year where geography is ever a factor in the results.

I don't expect anyone's views to change, but it is interesting to discuss.
I have actually really grown to like the x small divisions, I'd hate to see it go away and go back to being just small.
Gives the smaller gyms to field more competitve teams with the talent they have in their home gyms, also gives the gyms incentive to come to worlds and be able to make it past the day one cutoff, and possible have more of a chance to globe in the top 3.
I was and still am that the division could be over run with big name gyms just entering into that division for the sake of an "easy" globe.
Idk I am a fan now of it, if I wasn't before.

I’ve really grown to like the XS divisions too, mainly because they have a good amount of competition. The divisions with just 3 or 4 teams in them where everyone globes (and acts like a World bronze medal is the biggest failure ever) feel sad in a way. TGLC is stacked with boys flying in from other states, which boosts a team unnaturally, whereas when you watch XS, you feel like you’re watching home grown talent from within an hour or so radius (which to me is most appealing). And these divisions aren’t “easy” or overrun by large gyms. Some of the biggest gyms got very ordinary results in XS at this year’s Worlds.

The “Limited” portion of these divisions I find terrible though. It’s literally the same exact division broken into 2 based on whether you feel like competing against the best teams in your division or not. And both get the same exact “World title”. I hate it. Seeing gyms cut Level 6 teams just to enter the easier Limited division is also very sad & discourages growth of Level 6. I can think of at least 3 “Limited” gyms who have lost or cut a Worlds team within the past few years and it’s sad.

I also don’t mind the other person’s suggestion of doing away with XS and making Small up to 18 athletes. That would encourage more currently Small teams to enter Medium (these divisions are dying almost as much as Large). And it would allow current XS teams to form 4 stunt groups with 2 extras, which I find more ideal than just 16 athletes.
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The NFL calling themselves "World Champion" doesn't bother me because they are pretty clearly the best team in the world (that day) at that particular brand of football.

Agree with this. The winner of Large Coed at Worlds is the best Large Coed team in the world, therefore a World Champion. All other countries are free to enter this division, but they cannot field a team in it, which doesn’t make the American winner any less “best in the world”.

Yes, cheerleading has a strange and complicated Worlds compared to other sports, but we desperately need to name “World Champions” even if some divisions just feel like “Nationals”, because literally everyone is a “National Champion” and people think our sport is a joke. Worlds is the one event that’s different from a “National” and where we can declare the winner “the best of the best”… in most of the divisions anyway. All the Limited and U18 NT stuff has gotten completely out of hand.

‘3 per country’ causes outrage in all sports, including the Olympics. But the idea is to prevent any one country from completely dominating the standings. There is a push to get a variety of countries represented in the standings even it they’re not necessarily the true best. There is likely fear in the IASF divisions that if they let the US swallow up most of the top 10 spots, other countries will stop bothering to come to Worlds. The opposite problem might start to happen though where US athletes get discouraged from cheering anymore because it’s too hard to be in the top 3.

But ‘3 per country’ is flat out dumb sometimes. The U18 NT divisions were all US teams and 1-2 Canadian teams. So 3 per country left them with only 4 or 5 teams total in Finals. So dumb.

‘3 per country’ would be easier to swallow if EVERY country didn’t get to advance to Finals. Even if you scored 40, as long as you were from Antarctica, you could advance to Finals. In no other sport does EVERY country get to compete in the final round. There is a cutoff— only the top 24 gymnasts get to do the All Around Final, only the top 8 gymnastics teams get to do the Team Final. No sport is letting really weak teams into a *Final* round just based on country. So when cheerleading cuts the 4th place US team scoring 125, but lets France advance in last place with a score of 50, there will be extra outrage, yes.
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