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Me! But I doubt I'll be near UCA. My daughter decided she's had enough cheering so unless they get in a bind and neeeeeeeed her on the mat, we'll just be on vacation since it's been booked for a while.
Here are the results from Friday:

Division IA Spirit Program
1. University of Mississippi
2. University of Massachusetts
3. Rutgers University

Open Spirit Program
1. Long Island University
2. St. John's University
3. University of South Dakota

Open Spirit Program Game Day Live
1. Grand Canyon University
2. George Fox University
I started a thread in the all star section since it seems to get more interaction.
i know dance isnt normally discussed on here, but can we just talk about minnesota's jazz final and UNLV hip hop. like im obsessed and cant stop rewatching it everyday.
Not open for further replies.